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A Struggling Theme Park Asks: Do You Still Believe in Santa?

Attendance is dwindling at Santa’s Workshop in the Adirondacks, bypassed by the Interstate and thrill-ride-inspired attractions. But its biggest hurdle? Santa’s weakening hold on children.

Santa Is a Psychedelic Mushroom

It’s time to embrace the shamanistic side of Christmas.

Dwight Gooden Puts on a Santa Suit, but the Scene Is Hardly Festive

He is 53 now and wore a red suit, a wig and a beard as part of a publicity stunt at a Manhattan nightclub that provided him with some extra money for the holidays.

Santa in Finland, Where Marketing Triumphs Over Geography

Hundreds of thousands of tourists fly to Lapland to see Finland’s “official Santa.” Many come from lands like China, with no Christmas traditions.

Beware, Italy. Santa the Invader Is Coming.

Italy’s cultural fascination with America stirs deep feelings among the faithful when Santa Claus outpaces the baby Jesus as the chief symbol of Christmas.

Santa’s Manhattan Homes

... including the house where Virginia wrote the letter that inspired what is ranked as America’s most “unforgettable” editorial.


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Santa needs your help. Santa Claus wants to send letters to all the nice people around the world. But here's the rub. You see, while en route to the new workshop at the Northpole, Santa lost THE list. You know the one.


Santa's sleigh and reindeer.


He just wanted to double check something on that list so he pulled it out of the attaché. All of the sudden, there was some turbulence causing the list to fall from Santa's cocoa stained fingers. It landed somewhere in the Artic. Yep, it ended up fish food.


Well, Santa was beside himself, as you can imagine. Detecting St. Nick's somber mood, Honcho, the head elf, gave Santa the idea to turn to the internet to help him rebuild the list.


This is where you enter the picture.


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Authentic Santa letters (Northpole): Latitude 6752N  Longitude 23.38E  

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