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Santa Letter FAQ - Answers To Questions Santa Gets.
FAQ On Santa Claus

Questions Santa Claus Is Asked


Before we embark on this Santa Claus FAQ journey, I want to say that if you want to turn off the Christmas music, just hit your browser's STOP button.


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What is a "Santa letter"?

A letter that Santa writes and sends to anyone of your choosing. The letter ALSO includes any comments you provide (IF you want to include any comments, that is). Santa Claus writes and sends the letter from the Northpole. Yes, the letter will include mention of the Northpole (including postmarkings, etc.).

Santa Letters Collection

Santa calls - Do you have a service providing a call from Santa?

Santa Claus will call anyone you wish. Yes, even grown-ups. Even if it's only for a lark.

Have Santa Claus call someone you know - Any day between now and Christmas... or even after Christmas.

Get more information on Santa calls.

Can I see some reviews of your Santa letter service?

You sure can! Here is a list of reviews of our Santa letters site.

Is each Santa letter tailored to the reader? Are the letters personalized?

Yes! In addition to Santa's own words, your letter will include comments you provide (IF you want).

Imagine how the letter recipient will feel when they receive a Santa letter - A letter created just for them!

Do you send letters to anywhere in the world?

We provide worldwide delivery. Santa sends letters all over the world (every country).

Who should I have Santa send letters to?


»Children and their playmates



»Cousins, nephews, nieces

»Mom/dad and grandparents


»Girlfriend/boyfriend (or potential mate)



»Everyone on your list!! Even people you'd like to get to know! How about someone you admire. Wow, what an ice breaker!

» Or, perhaps even people on your naughty list! Maybe you can offer them some "suggestions".

When will the Santa letters arrive? Will the
letter(s) arrive on time?

The letters will indeed arrive before Christmas. Our years of experience and an efficient local postal service tell us this. Plus, we use post office suggestions (capital letters, no commas, clear writing, well spaced apart words, etc.) to ensure the fastest delivery to your door.


Besides, we guarantee it.

How much do the Santa letters cost?

Cost? Think of it as an investment, instead! And, unlike the stock market, there is only upside. That aside, we charge a nominal fee to keep the lights on.

Is there a money back guarantee?

You bet.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

How do I order a Santa letter?

Order a letter from Santa.

After you place your order, the elf order team will look over your order and then send you a confirmation email, pronto.


That's it! Oh, and one final thing: Prepare yourself for the expressions of delight from those you send letters to! They are going to be flabbergasted!

Does Santa have a newsletter?

I highly recommend this short jokes newsletter run by the Joke Genie with cameo (seasonal) appearances from yours truly, Santa Claus. Join for free and you'll get short jokes, short quotes, funny pictures, magic tricks, magic supplies, and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Whew! That's a lot, but then again, he is a genie so it's a piece of cake for him (speaking of cake... I am rather fond of chocolate chip cake, hint hint.).

Anyway, the Joke Genie and his cohorts keep me in stitches the whole year long! Uh, that is when I'm awake. I do love my zzzzzzs.

What is Mrs. Claus’ favorite cookie recipe?

She has sooooo many. The Mrs. gets this question a lot, I tell you! So she decided to give everyone a list of her favorite desserts.

After you order, as a bonus, Mrs. Claus will personally forward you a link to her favorite goodie recipes (her top 111 favorite desserts). Oh, and she will also give you 3 other mystery bonuses.

What do the elves at the Santa workshop look like?

Here is a picture of a couple of elves meandering down a local hill.
(Webmaster note: The photo has been removed - It has to remain a secret. Silly Santa, he gets carried away, sometimes. Why, he even forgets to lock the kitchen door, every now and then, and those pesky diminutive elves go on an rampage, eating everything in sight!).

Can you tell me exactly how to get to Santa's house or other hideout ... or both, oh, pretty please?

Sure we keep tabs on Santa all year round and know his whereabouts most any moment. But, sorry, can you imagine how many millions of people would come if we leaked his coordinates?


Anyway, we sure wouldn't want to attract a lot of know-it-all (not!) scientist types who would bother the flying reindeers something fierce.


There would be pandemonium to and fro!


There are, of course, other reasons but you get the drift.


Santa Claus sometimes slips up when he writes a letter and reveals the longitude and latitude coordinates of his secret village in the Northpole. If you stumble across these secret numbers, please don’t reveal them to anyone. Pretty please!

How do I best tell people about this letters from Santa web site?

Share This Christmas Site, and hey, when you do that you'll get a bunch of digital gifts! Though, I'm afraid it's nothing you can put under your Christmas tree.

Some tidbits about Santa Claus

The original Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, was born in Turkey in the 4th century. He is especially noted for his love of children and for his generosity. The Romans imprisoned him. But when Constantine became emperor of Rome, he allowed Nicholas to go free.

The Dutch kept the legend of St. Nicholas alive. In 16th century Holland, Dutch children would place their wooden shoes by the hearth in hopes that they would be filled with a treat. The Dutch spelled St. Nicholas as Sint Nikolaas, which changed to Sinterklaas, and finally, in Anglican, to Santa Claus.

In 1822, Clement C. Moore composed his famous poem, "A Visit from St. Nick," which was later published as "The Night Before Christmas." Moore is credited with creating the modern image of Santa Claus as a jolly fat man in a red suit.

I do a lot of online shopping and am tired of filling in forms, Santa. So... can you recommend something to save me time and effort? Maybe you could send over an elf??? 
I know the feeling! I fill in forms, the year over. So, you have my pity. But, unfortunately, I can not send over any elves, I need them ALL, something fierce. However, I can recommend something even, gulp, * BETTER * than an elf...


Form filler

This tool fills in all online forms. Just add information you normally have to type in forms (you know, name, etc.). Then when you encounter a form, just click a button and voila, the form is filled in.

This is a tiny software program that runs in the background until you turn it off.

It sure comes in handy when you go shopping online. I mean, do you want to type in all those order forms? You do NOT have to, anymore. After you install this form fill tool, whenever you encounter a form you want filled in, simply click a button and the form will be filled in, instantly.
Can you recommend something that will increase my security when I am online?
Your computer should definitely have a good "firewall."


A firewall protects your computer and personal data. I recommend (ZoneAlarm firewall). It is very easy to install, requiring no technical know-how (it basically installs itself - just click 2 boxes). You do NOT need to make ANY adjustments! Bud-a-bing. I would just stuff it in my sack and bring it with me on Christmas Eve, when I visit your home, BUT... I want you to be secure, today, now, PRONTO!

ZoneAlarm Download. This is NOT a demo or a trial. It is the real deal, and my elves tell me it is the ZoneAlarm firewall.


You won't notice it running unless you peer down at your computer tray (lower right of your screen). If you do that, you'll see a dinky little icon there, a little Z, about the size of your fingernail. Oh, and by the way, it does NOT bog things down, at all. So, why not?

Privacy issues
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How do I contact Santa Claus?
I'm too busy building toys, sending letters or making calls. Just kidding! Please see below.





Comments/Questions? Contact Santa Below

(Yes, Virginia, Santa really does... read his email!)


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Address: Northpole (sorry, we can't provide the Santa address. It must remain a secret!).


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Santa letter - Customer service.

Santa Claus does not share emails. You trust Santa in your house, you can trust him with your email address and other particulars!

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