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4 Christmas Ham Recipes That Will Make Your Holidays More Festive

Any Christmas menu won't be complete without ham. This time, serve your ham with a delicious twist!

Custom Boxes - Design It the Way You Like It

What are custom packaging boxes and how do they work? Custom boxes are no different in use than regular packaging boxes. Packaging boxes are used for transporting items bought from anywhere in the world to the buyers home addresses.

Another Christmas Up the Chimney

It hardly seems possible that another Christmas has come and gone. I think it comes quicker than it goes, but then that is just my opinion. We were sitting for the last time around the Christmas tree which was about to be disassembled and I happen to say, "I can't believe Christmas is over. Where does the time go?" To that, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage looked at me and said, "The older you get, the faster time goes." I remember as if it was yesterday when without thinking, which is usually dangerous for me, I once responded, "You must know."


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Personalized Christmas Cards, Photo Cards, Letters and Goodies!

Now featuring personalized and photo Christmas cards,  baskets, Santa calls,  letters from Santa, decorations and other goods authorized by Mr. Claus himself.

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Santa Letters

Have Santa Claus write a personalized Santa letter and send it to anyone you wish. Or, have St. Nick call someone. Santa (with the help of all the elves) will send a package filled with magic, allure and vibrant cheer.


For info on how to get a call from Santa click here.


Santa Letter Showcase

Each personalized letter from Santa is colorful and filled with images of the season. Plus much the letter recipient will discover and you'll hear about!

Experience the excitement, magic, sights, and smells of the season. Imagine their surprise! They will be thrilled and left to wonder.

For more details on the letters from Santa click here.



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Letter From Santa Newswire


(SantaWire) Santa loses THE list on a test sleigh ride. Santa has gone online to seek assistance from site visitors in an effort to rebuild the list.


(SNN: Santa News Network) Santa's website was hacked. The naughty list was renamed to nice list (and vice versa). Fortunately, Santa's crack elf
internet security team, headed by none other than
Gill Bates, spotted the activity and took action to save the day.


Santa's Joke Ezine


Privacy Policy Santa Claus does not share emails. You trust Santa in your house, you can trust him with your email address!


Christmas Photo Cards


Call From Santa

Have Santa Claus call ANYONE. The recipient will receive a genuine, LIVE call.

It is NOT a recording but the real deal!




View Santa Letters

Santa's Travel Itinerary

Santa lost THE list
on a practice run.

Please help Santa
figure out who to write to

Little Known Santa Facts

* Santa Claus does more than sleep the rest of the year.

* Kris Kringle (Santa) stopped tracking his age after he hit 683.

* Santa wears one red and one green sock to bring out extra cheer.

* Likes super ~ hot cocoa with a smidgeon of seasonal cinnamon and tiny marshmallows.

Tips From Santa Claus...
- Shop mega early... like now!

- Take deep breaths! Our secret location is laden with deep breathing elves.

- Save a bundle on presents by enlisting Santa to send letters.


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