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A Christmas trinket they will remember for years to come...


Imagine the smile on the letter recipient's face when they receive their very own personal letter from Santa himself.


Households with more than one individual will each receive a different letter.



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Letter From Santa

"Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!
Season's Greetings!"

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Have Santa send someone you know a letter from the North Pole. Imagine their expression when they receive it. Why, you could even have Santa send one to a grown-up or two. What? They don't believe in Santa? They're sure to have a change of heart!

In addition to the general letter, all letters are personalized with name, friend's name, fun information, tidbits on what's happening at the North Pole ... and any other info you provide.

Family, friends, neighbors, children, and adults alike will all be thrilled when a beautifully designed and personalized "Santa's Christmas Packet" arrives just for them.


Many colorful and cheer-laden designs to choose from.

  • Each letter is hand-signed by Santa.

  • The envelope is adorned with a North Pole return address postmark and other seasonal fixtures.

  • Santa letter wording and styles differ from year to year.

  • Letters sent to the same household will be different.

Santa's 100% Guarantee:
You must be absolutely thrilled with your Santa letter or you'll get your money back!

Let the splendor of Christmas fill
the air!!!


See below for letter options:


Letters From Santa

Please look below to see our most popular Santa letter selections.


- Money Back Guarantee

Letter From Santa # 1

Personalized Christmas Santa Letter
(6 designs to choose from)

Free Shipping!

100% positive feedback (299 reviews)

Give someone a treat this Christmas and watch their face light up with joy as they open a personalised letter created just for them.

  • The letter is signed by Santa.

  • Sent in a North Pole stamped envelope.

  • High quality 110gsm matt photo paper which has bright vibrant colors to ensure the letter lasts through the years.

Personalized with info you provide...

A different design and wording for each person.

Letters will be sent in December and will arrive before Christmas. You may request a specific time, if you wish.

Worldwide FREE


Money Back Guarantee

Personalised Santa Letter


Letter From Santa #2

100% Positive feedback (381 reviews)

Oldchem's Famous Personalised Letter from Santa/ Father Christmas


The letter is sent from Lancaster, United Kingdom.

Cheap shipping.

Ships worldwide.

This is your chance to order the famous Oldchem’s letter from Santa.

Make this Christmas your child's best Christmas ever!!

Children seem to be encouraged to grow up too quickly these days, our intention is to keep the magic alive for as long as possible and with these letters the details are so personal the child realises that it MUST be from Santa.

Once again we are looking forward to helping Santa send out his special personalized letters to both Father Christmas or Santa Claus believers and skeptics alike.

We pride ourself on the personal touches that are in our letters. No two letters are the same and they are not sent from templates but individually written for each child. Your children will be amazed when they read just what Father Christmas has to say about them,


These letters are all printed in colourful and festive ways - no two letters to the same address will be the same design and each letter is "hand signed by Santa".



You will be given the choice of the letter coming from Father Christmas or Santa what ever your choice.

Included in the price is postage and a special pack of "magic" reindeer dust to leave out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Don't delay, order your Santa Letter today so that you're not disappointed; due to the VERY personal letters sent and the time taken in writing them numbers of letters are limited, so make sure your child doesn't go without this year!!

Letters for children under one will be a "Baby's First Christmas" letter and will include a special First Christmas Poem (either Christian or non Christian.)

The price is £3.00 for UK and Northern Ireland and £3.50 for the rest of the world, including Ireland.


This is the perfect opportunity to get a fabulous, personalised letter direct from the man himself.


These letters are beautifully decorated and each one is written personally to each child - no template is used.


If more than one letter is ordered each design will be different.

We take a LOT of time to to make these letters REALLY personal; they have a "North Pole" postmark and are "hand signed" by Santa!

As well, there is a pack of magic reindeer food and they are enclosed in a beautifully decorated envelope so that as soon as the letter arrives on the doorstep, the excitement begins.


25p from the sale of each letter will once again be going to children in need.



Some of our testimonials...

"Hi Sue, letters arrived Monday and are wonderful!! Please tell Santa that we are all SO pleased!! Ben is at that awful age where he was really doubting that Santa was real but the letter that Santa has sent him was SO wonderful and explained his magic so much that he is now a complete believer. In fact he spent yesterday in the playground converting all his friends into complete believers too as he told them all about it, brought tears to loads of us mums eyes!! Thanks again Sue and Santa xxxxx!"

- Jenny Wilks

"Thanks so much for the lovely letters for Ellie and Maddie. Had me in tears ha! Ellie's explanation of the existence of Santa is just brilliant."

- Lauren O'Donnell

"We got your letters today, thank-you so much, the kids loved them. Andrew was really impressed that Santa remembered what he had last year!! He is starting to have doubts about Santa, so hopefully your letter has got us another year. Thanks again, Tina!"

- Tina Lewis

"Ours arrived yesterday! Wonderful again this year. My sister was blubbing her eyes out reading the babies!! Thanks."

- Gill Stevens

"Totally fantastic! kids over the moon with the personal content and feel of the letters. much better than any we have had before. PERFECT XXX."

- Saffron Butcher

"Thank you SO much for the three wonderful letters received today! I have three very excited children who are dancing around with their letters. Tia is amazed that Santa knew exactly where we lived and even knew the name of the local pub!! I will be returning for my 3rd year in 2012!!"

- Mrs B, Delighted Mum

"Thank you so much for the letters. they arrived on Saturday and were brilliant, just magical, as always. Hope you have a very merry christmas. Thanks again!"

- Dawn Thornton

"My son (age 9) was just on the edge of not believing in Santa (along with most of his class mates), but this has renewed his faith in the magic of Christmas, and that lovely time of childhood awe and innocence can be his for a little longer."

- Mrs T. Unsworth, Essex

"Many thanks for keeping the 'magic' alive for my two. They received their letters this week and were absolutely stunned that Santa had written to them, and knew so much about them and their lives."

- Mrs G.B, Bradford, Happy Mum

"The letter arrived today and my little girl is thrilled, convinced it must be from the real Santa as he knows so much about her. As she is on Santa?s list of good girls I am using it as a reminder to stay well behaved! She read the whole letter to her aunty tonight and is taking to school with her tomorrow to show her friends that Santa knows all about them, too."

- Sheila Crewe


Oldchem's Santa Letters


Money Back Guarantee



Santa Letter #3



Back by popular demand...


Personalized Letter From Santa On Special Stationary


100% positive feedback (689 customer reviews)


Since August 07, 1999

Includes reference to other members of the child's family. Each will be told by Santa to also be good for he is watching.


The personalized letter from Santa is sent directly to the person of your choosing, on special Santa stationary, within a special Santa envelope.

The letter is sent the next business day.


Worldwide delivery: Letters are sent to people around the world.

Money Back Guarantee

Personalized Letter From Santa On Special Stationary


Santa Letter #4

All New For 2014...


Handwritten Letter From Santa - Personalized Custom Letter



100% Positive feedback (1251 Reviews)


Ships to: Worldwide


Up for your consideration is a VERY personalized and custom Handwritten letter from Santa Claus! This letter will include a North Pole stamp, and is guaranteed to be as personal to the recipient as the information you provide!


I have been doing these handwritten letters every year for the last several years and am yet to have a negative or unhappy customer! All letters are written by me from my original Santa Letter Writings. I can do letters at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for: children, adults, baby's first Christmas, pets, and as gag gifts too!


In order to make this letter as personal as possible, I will need the following information for EACH recipient:


Will mention things like pet, items the person wants for Christmas, names of family or friends, achivements, or ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT!


ALL LETTERS WILL BE MAILED NO LATER THAN December 12th, 2014 to insure that they are received BEFORE Santa comes! So, don't delay!!!


Free Shipping to the U.S.A.


Shipping is INCLUDED in the purchase price if mailed/delivered in the USA.

****If you're NOT in the USA, Shipping is NOT INCLUDED. There will be a shipping charge based on your delivery location outside of the USA ONLY. ****


Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!!!



Click Here For A Handwritten Letter From Santa - Personalized Custom Letter

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Merry Christmas!

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*Due to crank calls relating to Santa's girth and age, Santa has had to delete the North pole phone number from this site. Sorry. Mr. Claus has been toying with the idea of putting the number back up, so do visit often.



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