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"Hi Anna, I just wanted to let you know that the Santa letter you sent arrived last week - wow, what a hit!  You made us a Christmas Memory! My niece was dancing around the kitchen, just so excited that she couldn't sit still!  And the reindeer food and magic snow just completed the package. I wish that I had had my camera ready so that I could have sent you a picture of her reading the letter. A big warm thank you!"
- Karen Weinseiss, Connecticut (U.S.A.)


"The letter was very much appreciated."
- Anna K.


"Very good letter!"
- Manus L. (Sweden)


"We haven't stopped talking about the letter! My friend really got a kick out of getting it. I think you had him completely convinced there's a Santa after all."
- D. S., Laughlin, Nevada (U.S.A.)


"I really loved the gift as well as the letter. I'll be sure to keep you in mind next season."
- Dave Lambert, Florida (U.S.A.)


"It was such a joy to get that letter.
You can count me in for next time around."
- Mark Burke, England

"Wow! What a nice surprise... my child just lit up. Thanks!"
- Name withheld on request, Wyoming, U.S.A.


"We ordered a letter from you last year and it was fantastic."
- Paul, England


daughter  (we removed the child's name for the sake of privacy) received a letter from you last year. Thank you!"

- M.L., Wisconsin, U.S.A.


"I searched around for a few hours before I came upon your site and when I did it was great.  Your prices are reasonable and what you have to offer is tremendous.  I am sure my daughter and all my nieces and nephews will enjoy." Thanks Again, J.C. New Jersey, U.S.A.



"That was soooo much fun to get! My son flipped out - and he's 23. Next year my daughter, who's 29, will get one."

- A customer from Eugene, Oregon (USA)



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Note: All reviews/feedback are unsolicited. After we receive a comment, we request permission to list it here. No one is compensated for their opinion. We do NOT list email adresses, the letter recipient's name, street addresses, etc. We only list the information we're given permission to list - and only on this page.


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Letters From Santa


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Santa's phone line at the Northpole is temporarily down due to a mighty big snow storm.

Authentic Santa letters (Northpole):
Latitude 6752N  Longitude 23.38E

Coordinates removed by order of Mrs. Claus - "Sorry - top secret!"

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