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Have Santa send a letter to children and adults you know... even if only for a lark.



Can you think of someone who might get a kick out of such a letter?




Santa Letters

"Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!
Season's Greetings!"

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Have Santa send someone you know a letter from the North Pole. Imagine their expression when they receive it.

Why, you could even have Santa send one to a grown-up.



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Santa Letter


Have Santa Write Someone You Know A Letter

Some of the most authentic letters from Santa to both children & adults.

  • 4 different letter styles

  • 20 personalization options (name, friend's name, etc.)


- FREE worldwide delivery.

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A Santa Letter




Another Santa Letter...

Personalized Letter From Santa


Printed on 8 1/2x 11 cardstock.
Includes your child's name, city and state.

  • 99.8% positive feedback (of 2,916 reviews)

  • Delivering Santa letters since February 14, 2000.

Global - Ships to residents of all countries.


Money Back Guarantee

Personalized Letter From Santa


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Other Santa Letters

And... if that isn't enough for ya, here are a few more letters from Santa Claus.





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Hang this on any door so Santa can get the message as he drives by on Christmas Eve.



Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!





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